Who designed Print Odyssey?

Dolphins // Communication Design, an established, multi-awarded Greek graphic design firm.

Is Print Odyssey a one-of-a-kind product?

Simply put, yes. In terms of variety and functionality, it is indeed a unique kit.

I get how Print Odyssey will be helpful to me. But what about my client?

Print Odyssey can provide your client with all the stimuli which will help him understand and visualize his printing options.
This way, you can avoid the unnecessary hustle and waist of time, and focus on the creative part of every project.

What about the available information?

Every Print Odyssey sample contains a series of useful facts printed at the back.
From the publication’s size (small or large) and dimensions (both closed and spread), the paper’s weight, size and color code (Pantone), to the number of pages you would get from a single printing sheet.

I am a US resident, can I order Print Odyssey?

Print Odyssey is available worldwide in both metric and USC systems ( Centimeters and Inches ).

I’m interested in a specific sub-kit. Can I buy it separately?

Unfortunately, no. Print Odyssey is available as a complete package.

Is Print Odyssey just another delicate, do-not-touch sample kit?

Print Odyssey is designed to stand the test of time. The quality and endurance of its materials were two of the primary factors we took under consideration.
This is why we chose to use exclusively high quality papers for all samples, and heavy-duty carton for its packaging.

Are taxes, VAT and/or duty expenses included?

All the a.m. fees are not included in the price and may be added in accordance with your local regulations. However, all EU purchases are tax-free.

Moving ahead

We aim to build a global network of Print Odyssey distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and technical support teams to provide better service and make this unique kit accessible to everyone. If you are interested in participating as a partner in Print Odyssey’s endeavor, you can email us at info[at]printodyssey[dot]com for more information.


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