Size Odyssey is a specialist sub-kit of Print Odyssey. It showcases more than 30 folding patterns, with a variety that expands from the simplicity of a two-fold leaflet to the plendidness of a multi-fold publication. The kit is divided into 2 subsets, one that contains every sample up to half/tri-fold and another one with the samples with more folds. By using A5 paper sheets as samples, we manage to create mock-ups for almost every possible folding available in present time printing.

30+ folding patterns
Helps you go beyond your previous work in terms of printing specs.
Can be combined with Size Odyssey options in wide array of combinations
Ideal for client demonstrations
Conveniently divided in 2 sub-kits
Digital files included in Print Odyssey DVD

to make your
job easier

Folding Odyssey has been designed with your convenience in mind. Each component conveniently features all print specifications listed on the back and is serialized for easy browsing. All relevant digital files required to get you started are included in the Print Odyssey DVD!

What are these numbers

On the front side of every folding sample you will find the name of the folding. On the back side of the foldings you will find the number that coresponds to the digital indesign file which is the one in the midle, the play sign that means there is a video that shows you how the folding folds and unfolds, the number of pannels, pantone code, the size of the folding and the paper weight.

Multimedia Gallery

Size Odyssey

Folding Odyssey
Subset 01
The subset contains every sample up to half/tri-fold
Folding Odyssey
Subset 02
The subset contains every sample with more than three folds.